Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hantavirus Survivors Interviews

Jolissa Doerksen, a hantavirus survivor in Edmonton, Alberta, CA will be on the radio today on an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada station called 630 CHED.

She will share a little bit about her story and recovery in the cardiovascular ICU at U. of Alberta Hospital. 

Jolissa will be on the radio at 11:30am (MST) Today, February 23, 2017.

She will also be a special guest speaker for Heart Pledge Day to raise funds for more ECMO (external oxygenation) life support machines at University of Alberta Hospital CVICU  (Cardio-Vascular ICU). 

Another hantavirus survivor who contracted the hemorrhagic fever form in Belgium, has written a book about her experiences as a victim of hantavirus and of sepsis, the bodies' system-wide destructive response to attack.  A description of her book can be found in the Faces of Sepsis section at at:

An English version of Idelette's book on sepsis,  is now available. It is a bit difficult to order from the U.S., but it is possible. Sepsis and Afterwards has been recommended by the U.K. Sepsis Trust and Global Sepsis Alliance.

– Mark

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