Friday, February 24, 2017

Some Future HantaSite Articles

These are some of the articles I'm writing about hantavirus, particularly the Sin Nombe variant. Expect an article or so a week over the next few months until the site is "populated" and then I hope to make updates and corrections. Format is the working title along with a few bullet points about each article.

HantaSite Motivation and Introduction
            Why am I creating HantaSite, and who am I to do it?
Both skills and limits
            What needs did I see?

What are Hantavirus, Sin Nombre Virus (SNV), and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)?
            Hantavirus life cycle, worldwide and domestic incidence
Structure and properties of the virion form (the assembled, portable virus “seeds”)
            SNV (previously Four Corners virus) and HPS        

How does one become ill with SNV?
            What has to happen for infection from mouse to human?
            Inhalation of aerosols of SNV virions
            Numerous factors, many with large probability factors

Hantavirus in Mice – A good year for mice is a bad year for Sin Nombre
            What does SNV look like among the deer mouse population in which it is endemic?
            How is SNV spread among mice, and what causes a mouse to shed SNV virions?
            Correlations between mice, mouse population swings, and SNV incidence?

Hantavirus Housekeeping
            Links to online resources for safe mouse removal and cleanup operations
            Safe housekeeping in cabins, tents, etc.
            Bleach or disinfectants to neutralize virus and wet or damp procedures
            No sweeping!?

SNV Clusters
            Hanta site-related factors
            Mouse ecology
Urban/rural interface zone      

Automobile Cabin Air Systems as a Transmission Mode
            Incidence of mouse infestation in automobile cabin air intakes
            Rapid capture, drying, and aerosolization of SNV laden mouse urine           
            Physics of electret filters, minimum efficiency particle size
            Denaturing of SNVvirions – time factors

Intensive Care Cacophony – The Data Must Go On
            Is lack of sleep in ICU an inevitable thing?
            Does ICU sleep deprivation contribute to “ICU-itis?”
            What can be done to reduce sleep interruptions for tests?

Hantavirus Survivor’s Story –  Jolissa Doerksen 
            Cleaning a cabin as an infection mode

            Experiences and recovery battle

Why Me? Why does SNV strike in an Apparently Rare Way
            We don't have mice swinging from our chandeliers. We don't even have chandeliers.
            SNV is ubiquitous in the U.S.
            Roughly 10% of most common rodents, deer mice or equiv.
            Time, Space, and Aerosolization

The Yosemite Park Hantavirus Outbreak
        Aerosolization of mouse detritus by double walled tent aspiration
        The forces exerted by wind loading on the outside of a double wall tent
        No such forces on the inner wall – Result is a bellows-like configuration
        That bellows configuration is almost ideal for aerosolizing debris that is
        near small leaks in the inner tent layer
       Airflow with breathing-like action between tent interior and trapped airspace
       Concentration and protection from UV of hantavirus in protected airspace

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